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HANS-W1032BE Press Brake
  • HANS-W1032BE Press Brake


Press Brake

Electro-hydraulic Servo CNC Press Brake
Excellent bending quality
Advanced Delem numerical control system
Ergonomic design with comfortable and convenient operation
Quick changing device
Quick mold changing device,easy to change mold,easy and fast operation,reduced labor intensity and increased production efficiency.
Back gauge and finger

Servo motor, ball screw and guide rail, high-efficiency and precise transmission mechanism, ensuring excellent positioning and repeatability of the back gauge system.
Front sheet support
A front sheet supports that moves along the linear guide and can be adjusted up and down are installed in front of the press brake; It can be parked anywhere in the bending range, and assist bending works comfortably and efficiently.
HAN*S-W1032B HAN *S-W1040B
Nominal pressure 1000KN 1000KN
Folding plate width 3200mm 4000mm
Slider stroke 200 mm 200 mm
Maximum opening height 420 mm 420 mm
Column spacing 2700 mm 3500 mm
Column spacing 400 mm 150 mm/s
Fast-down speed 150 mm/s 150 mm/s
Return speed 150 mm/s 150 mm/s
Working speed 10 mm/s 10 mm/s
Main motor power 7.5 KW 7.5 KW
CNC system DA58T / DA66T DA58T / DA66T
Control axis number 4+1 / 6+1 4+1 / 6+1
V axis form Mechanical Mechanical
Rear gear X axis velocity 200 mm/s 200 mm/s
Rear gear X axis stroke 500 mm 500 mm
Repeat positioning accuracy of slider 0.01 mm ±0.01 mm
Positioning accuracy of slider ±0.02 mm/m ±0.02 mm/m
Repeat positioning precision of gear 0.02 mm ±0.02 mm
Grating scale resolution ±0.005 ±0.005
Machine tool weight 8.0T 9.0T
Machine dimension (L x W x H) 850mm x 1620mm x 2800mm 4350mm x 1620mm x 2800mm
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