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HANS-Press Brake

Press Brake

Up-acting hydraulic servo system
Backgauge system
Perfect mechanical compensation (angle-adjustment)
Crowning system
Up-acting servo hydraulic system
The up-acting hydraulic system drives the upper beam doing an up-and-down movement, but the lower worktable stays fixed. The bending force generated by applying pressure over hydraulic cylinders. The precise closed-loop control composed of an electro-hydraulic servo valve and linear encoder can simultaneously control the pressurization of the main cylinders on both sides. The system feedback data enables the slider to be accurately controlled so that the bending accuracy and repeatability is high.
Backgauge system
Backgauge system options:
  • 4 Axis CNC Back Gauge for YI, Y2, X, R, V-Axis(crowning axis)
  • 6 Axis CNC Back Gauge for YI, Y2, X, Z1, Z2, R, V-Axis (crowning axis)
Perfect mechanical compensation (angle-adjustment)
Crowning is how a press brake compensates for machine deflection. The crowing system counts the amount of deflection and compensates it by controlling the movement of movable wedges seated on the lower worktable. The movable wedges in the middle of the worktable create a slope to compensates for the bed deflection and the beam under different bending forces, maximum reduces a gap between workpiece and wedges.
3D graphical programming available CNC system
The bending machine is equipped with DELEM bending machine numerical control system DA58T / DA66T. The synchronization of the left and right cylinders control through 4 + 1 axis / 6 + 1 axis, which achieves efficient and high precision machining. It adopts a 15 / 17-inch TFT true color touch screen with 2D graphics programming function and 3D product display function, which helps quickly and easily set the machine tool and product programming and shorten the operation time.
200 tonnage
The press brake features a rigid machine frame and stable mechanical structure, which allows a bend capable of up to 200 tonnages and dramatically expands the maximum thickness for bend material.
Outstanding flexibility
The CE standard wedge shaped-upper die is totally flexible to match the shape of the different workpiece, it can be separated into a single die or assembled into a certain length according to the requirements of the workpiece. The lower die is designed as a combined structure. 
W1032BE W2040BE W4060BE
Nominal press force 1000KN 2000KN 4000KN
Max. workpiece width 3200mm 4000mm 6000mm
Stroke length 200mm 200mm 300mm
Working depth 400mm 400mm 400mm
Approach speed 150mm/s 100mm/s 80mm/s
Return speed 150mm/s 100mm/s 80mm/s
Working speed 10mm/s 10mm/s 8mm/s
Main motor power 7.5Kw 15Kw 30Kw
Number of control axis 3+1/4+1/6+1 3+1/4+1/6+1 3+1/4+1/6+1
Bend angle deviation ±0.5° ±0.5° ±0.5°
Machine dimensions 3850×1620×2800 4650×1980×2850 6800×2600×3600
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HANS-Press Brake

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