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PRO 1 Series

Laser Tube Cutting

Pro for small diameter tube
Outstanding effectiveness
PRO1 is a laser tube cutting machine designed for precise small tube cutting, cost-effective and quality-oriented production. Versatile cutting functions include RAPID CUT and small tube precise cutting, quality-oriented process to help you finish general profiles, oval, round and square tubes.
Ultra-flexible choice loading & unloading system
Thanks to modular design, user can freely choose their loading and unloading system according to their actual needs. Loading system: manual loading, semi-automatic loading, and fully automatic loading. Unloading system: 2m fixed unloading, 2.5m or 4m unloading with floating support.
Easy-to-handle thin-wall and heavy tubes
A new generation of full-stroke pneumatic chucks, one-time clamping, automatic and accurate centering, no need to change the claws. Variable clamping force solves deforming issues caused by inappropriate clamping force. No matter it is thin-wall tube or large weight tubes, PRO1 handle it easily. 
Max.Process area φ160mm,□120mm
Max. Tube length 6700mm
Max. Unloading length 4000mm
Max. Loading weight 100kg
X/Y feed rate 100m/min
Available lasers 1-3KW
PRO 1 Series
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