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Mobile Worktable 3D-5 Axis Laser Cutting Machine
  • Mobile Worktable 3D-5 Axis Laser Cutting Machine

Mobile Worktable 3D-5 Axis Laser Cutting Machine

3D Laser Cutting

Precision Technique
Flexible Processing
Advanced Performance
Safe and Reliable
Precision Technique
Models W3122T, W3525T, and W4525T are with high cutting accuracy, fast cutting speed, small heat affected zone, and smooth surface, moving speed up to 30m/min. 
Flexible Processing
3D processing head can realize N*360°infinite rotation, ±135°swing, from cutting to welding, an instant switch of processing head, free of adjustment to realize one machine two functions. 
Advanced Performance
The fiber laser is with a narrower wavelength to create more intense energy, more suitable for cutting aluminum parts on the automobile. 60% lower energy consumption than that of CO2 laser with the same power, free of optical maintenance, no gas consumption, so as to have a lower cost of operation.
Safe and reliable
The equipment is safe and reliable. The cover of the machine tool adopts a fully enclosed structure, with a variety of safety interlock, also adopts centralized gas supply method, an automatic alarm will be triggered when the gas pressure is lower than the set value.
W3122T W3525T W4525T
Processing area 2700x1800x650mm 3100x2100x650mm 4100x2100x650mm
X-axis 3100mm 3500mm 4500mm
Y-axis 2200mm 2500mm 2500mm
Z-axis 850mm 850mm 850mm
Positioning accuracy(X/Y/Z) ±0.05mm/m ±0.05mm/m ±0.05mm/m
Repeatability(X/Y/Z) ±0.03mm ±0.03mm ±0.03mm
X/Y/Z axis max. positioning speed 30m/min 25m/min 25m/min
CNC system Siemens 840D Siemens 840D Siemens 840D
Max. workpiece weight 1000Kg 1000Kg 1000Kg
Machine tool weight 8000Kg 9000Kg 10000Kg
Dimension (L x W x H) 7000x5000x4500mm 7500x5500x4500mm 8500x5500x4500mm
3D Fiber Laser Cutting
The 3D 5-Axis Laser Cutting Machine designed by Han’s Laser, a high precision equipment, can process 3D parts with a complicated curving surface. It not only has high precision but also results in smooth cutting sections. Equipped with 3D offline programming software, combined with reliable and stable working fixture, this 3D-5 Axis Laser Cutter is able to process many parts with one-time programming and the ability of infinite cutting, which ensures the high quality of production.
W3525T 3D Laser Cutting for Car Parts
Han's WT series 3D laser cutting system has the function of flexible and complex processing of tubes and irregular metal parts. Thanks to flexible 3D cutting, users process complex parts that cannot be processed by ordinary metal forming methods.
Mobile Worktable 3D-5 Axis Laser Cutting Machine

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