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Han's Laser Lion Series
  • Han's Laser Lion Series

LION Pro Series

2D Laser Cutting

New model laser cutting machine designed for small and middle job shops, enterprises or beginners in metal processing industry
Gantry Structure Machine
The product adopts gantry structure, high-quality steel welded bed, high-quality aluminum alloy integrated beam, structural design is guided by strict and scientific CAE finite element analysis data, combined with excellent heat treatment and machining technology, which guarantees long-term stability while ensuring the rigidity of the machine tool.
Thin Metal Sheets Killer
Applications exists in interior design, window advertising decals, cuisines manufacturing, electrical cabinet manufacturing and etc.
Compact Design
Compact design with a dimension smaller than 40GP cabinet, saves more transportation fee.
HL Laser Source
Han's self-developed HL high-performance fiber laser has the advantages of wide modulation frequency (0-50KHZ), high anti-reflective ability, good beam quality, and long life with extremely low power attenuation.
Self-development product
The cutting machine, control system, laser source, cutting head and other core components of this equipment are all independently developed by HAN’S LASER.
Smart Control Unit
Adopt fully independent research & developed 401 bus control system, after years of mature use and continuous optimization and perfection in the field of laser cutting, it has achieved high performance, high reliability and humanized and convenient operation of the Han's control system.
3015 6020 4020
X-axis 3050mm 6050mm 4000mm
Y-axis 1530mm 2030mm 4000mm
Z-axis 250mm 250mm 250mm
Max. workpiece weight 750kg 2000kg 1000kg
Machine tool weight 6500Kg 12000kg 7500Kg
Dimension (L x W x H) 9200mm×3050mm×2200mm 15170mm×3465mm×2100mm 10300mm×3420mm×2300mm
Han's Laser Lion Series Laser Cutting Machine
Han's® Laser opens a new plant in Hunan, China, with an investment of 300,000 USD to build up a 110,000 sq ft.of space focus on fiber laser cutting machine for thin metal sheet cutting solutions.
LION Pro Series

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