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Car Manufacturing & 3D 5-axis Cutting

Car Manufacturing & 3D 5-axis Cutting


Car Manufacturing

In the process of automobile manufacturing, a large amount of hot-formed steel plates is used, such as front and rear door impact beams, front and rear bumpers, A-pillars, B-pillars, center floor channels, door and window reinforcements, and roof reinforcement beams, among other components.


car parts - 3d laser cutting

3D 5-axis motion

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Difficulties and highlights

Hot forming technology for steel plates refers to the process of heating the steel plate to 950°C for shaping, followed by rapid cooling. This can enhance the strength of the steel plate, with a yield strength of over 1000 MPa and the ability to withstand pressure of over 10 tons per square centimeter. By using such steel plates in the car body, not only does the weight of the car not increase, but its load-bearing capacity can also be improved by 30%, greatly enhancing safety.



However, due to the high strength and complex shape of the steel plates, traditional punching techniques cannot be used for trimming and punching. Only laser technology can be used. This has led to the integration of 3D5A laser cutting machines into automobile production lines. And due to its high production efficiency and stable performance, it has become an irreplaceable production technology and process.



Generally, each automobile hot forming production line needs to be equipped with 4-5 hot forming three-dimensional laser cutting machines. Now, some manufacturers are using steel plates with a yield strength of 2000 MPa to manufacture cars. Therefore, the application of three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine products will be more widely used in the automobile production process.

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