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Iron towers and communication industry

Iron towers and communication industry


Iron towers

Iron towers are important infrastructure for power transmission lines and communication networks, and they have an important strategic position in infrastructure construction. China's power industry construction and communication market continue to maintain large-scale development, promoting the continuous expansion of the iron tower manufacturing industry.


Challenges & solutions


Difficulties and highlights

Due to the large load, the stability of the base and structure is extremely high for iron towers, therefore, there are extremely high requirements for processing accuracy, precision, and quality.



The high precision and smooth cutting surface of laser cutting machines provide an effective solution for the manufacture of iron towers. Television towers, power line towers, communication towers, and other components are generally made up of angle steel, channel steel, and steel tube. The Han's Laser Intelligent Equipment Group has launched a four-jaw heavy-duty pipe cutting machine for such ultra-long and heavy-duty pipes and profiles, achieving blind spot-free cutting at any port. It can also be equipped with a bevel cutting head to achieve 0-45° bevel cutting, supporting various bevels and straight cuts in one molding.


PXT Series tube laser

This equipment is designed with high-precision four-jaw chucks, and loading and unloading can be carried out simultaneously, improving processing efficiency. After the angle steel is cut, the double-jaw chuck can hold the material and rotate it to any angle for stacking, making it easy to sort and stack, accurately meeting the processing needs of angle steel for iron towers.


Ultra-high power laser cutting machine

For the iron tower manufacturing, the cutting accuracy and hole-making process of angle iron connectors, flange reinforcements, and flange plates are relatively high. The Han's MegaWatt Laser Cutting Machine has high cutting accuracy and a smooth cutting surface, completing cutting and hole-making in one step. It can replace traditional flame and plasma cutting, creating higher quality connectors for iron tower manufacturing, ensuring the stability of the overall structure under high-altitude loads for a long time.

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