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2023.08.30 - News

Han's Laser Smart Equipment Group formulates machinery industry standards

Preface: Standardization is an important "bridge" for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into productivity. Advanced scientific and technological achievements can be transformed into productivity through standardization means, promoting social progress.



Industry Standard Formally Implemented

2022-10-01, two machinery industry standards formulated by Han's Laser Smart Equipment Group: JB/T 14188.1-2022 "Laser Pipe Cutting Machine Part 1: Accuracy Inspection" and Han's Laser Smart Equipment Group Part 2: Technical Specification" are formally implemented!


The two standards on the use of laser tube cutting machine instructions, geometric accuracy inspection, positioning accuracy inspection, processing inspection, safety protection, processing and equipment quality and other related requirements, to protect the quality of industry products, improve the technical level of the industry provides a clear specification.



Constantly invest in smart manufacturing

Han's Laser Smart Equipment Group has taken the lead in the development of fiber laser cutting machine since the end of 2008, and has devoted itself to research and development and continuous innovation for more than ten years, introduced domestic and foreign elite talents, and created a composite team with independent research and development capabilities in laser cutting, mechanical control, automation system integration, etc., and has accumulated a number of world-advanced technologies and rich experience in their application.


The company has deployed a number of production bases around the world, including Shenzhen, Zhangjiagang, Changzhou, Tianjin, Changsha, Suzhou, Jinan, and Dallas, U.S.A., with a business coverage of 100+ countries and regions around the globe, and 180+ offices at home and abroad, and has supplied customers around the world with 20,000+ sets of intelligent cutting equipments, such as laser cutting machine, laser pipe cutting machine, automated production line and so on, which has been highly recognized and appreciated by the customers.


Pioneer in Tube Cutting Machine Industry

Since Han's Laser Smart Equipment Group successfully developed the first generation of side-mounted semi-automatic laser pipe cutter in 2009, it has continued to innovate its products, push forward new ideas and enhance its core competitiveness, and the pipe cutting family system has continued to grow, and the reliable quality of its products has been generally recognized by the market.


In 2009, we successfully developed the first generation of side-mounted semi-automatic laser tube cutter.

Successfully developed the first generation of side-mounted laser cutting machine.

In 2013, the first generation of side-mounted laser cutting machine was successfully developed.

The second generation of fully automatic laser tube cutting machine was introduced to the market.


Launched P10026D automatic heavy-duty laser tube cutting machine and P6010D professional small tube cutting machine


The first automatic beveling and pipe cutting machine launched


The fourth generation of P6018D fully automatic pipe cutting machine released and PRO1 and PLUS1 successfully launched to the market


The first pipe cutting FMS production line delivered to CNPC 


T16/T25 laser tube cutting machine successfully launched to the market


T22/T33 Extreme Manufacturing Tube Cutting Machine popularized in the market

Launched PX12050F four-chuck pipe cutter and T25 three-chuck pipe cutter for heavy pipe series.

Han's Laser Smart Equipment Group continues to refine the cutting field by developing laser tube cutting products for different profiles from small to large diameter pipes, from vertical cutting to bevel cutting, from regular pipes to various profiles, and from manual, semi-automatic to fully automatic, so as to help industry customers win with specialization and high efficiency.


The participation in the formulation of the two industry standards fully reflects Han's Laser Smart Equipment Group's professional ability and market position. In the future, Han's Laser Smart Equipment Group will continue invest in technological innovations, take the initiative to participate in the formulation of other related product standards, contribute to the standardization process of the laser smart equipment industry.

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