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Automation Matters
Growth opportunity for Smart Manufacturing in Daqing Oilfield
— Han's first flexible manufacturing production line (Tube FMS)

Han's Laser Smart Equipment Group has successfully delivered a flexible manufacturing production line for tubing to Daqing Oilfield, and works jointly with Daqing Oilfield to develop tube type flexible manufacturing production line. The production line attains both continuous production and precise and reliable operation, automated process includes material automatic receiving, allocation, task alignment, flexible tube processing etc.
Customer Cases | Flexible production line
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The flexible manufacturing production line (Tube-type) combines an automated convey linked tower storage for tubes with laser processing workshop, which intellectually conducts a return-back pathway from raw materials to final products.

The central dispatch system automatically assigned tasks to laser tube cutting machines, guide the machines implementing tasks of automatic loading, laser processing and materials sorting. The processed tubes will be automatically sorted and transported to the inner wall processing system, when the specified number is reached. The inner-wall processing system repeats similar steps of auto-sorting, loading, inner-wall polishing and auto-unloading, finally comes up with   semi-manufactured perforation tubes which will be transferred through RGV convey to welding workshop or assembly workshop for final welding or assembly. The finished products are returned to the warehouse via the RGV transmission line. The whole production line equipped with safety protection system, audible and visual alarms system.

△ Figure.1  FMS Production Line on customer-site 

 Figure.2  FMS Production Line on customer-site 
Perforation Gun Pipe Case
A perforation is a petroleum production engineering process that the perforation gun bombs effectively within the larger diameter casting and concrete layer. The explosion generates a gas line to gas layer or oil laser for oil&gas collecting, which we called completion string. The perforation is an essential technology to petroleum production engineering and a key factor affects oil production efficiency and rate of output.

As the key point of perforation technology, perforation gun tubing supports gunpowder and well places them in order. The perforation guns are usually made of metal tubes, plastic, paper roll and etc. The degree of compactness and phasing of holes depends on the design of the tube frame, which also determines somehow the accuracy of explosion point and the power of explosion.

△Perforation gun tubing and gunpowder 

Problem Solving


To manufacture perforation guns, fabricators rely on traditional die stamping that the die's numbers and custom types depend on diameter of holes. Generally, the fabricator consumes uncountable time and human costs on repeated positioning and clamping of tube to process one perforation gun, which is inefficient. Besides, the tailor-made dies can be damaged and depreciates easily which cases low accuracy, and offers defective products and less flexibility.

Laser tube cutting features high-speed, accuracy, and advanced flexibility. The nesting software generates NC programming automatically, the machine processes complex tube contour by only one clamping and achieves fully automatic loading & unloading materials that switch material in a rapid way.


What user set in the nesting software is the final result. 

Han's Laser tube FMS achieves accurate laser cutting that cutting contour remains the same with the shape demonstrated in software. 
The processed tubings have better quality to avoid unexpected movement of the gunpowder that the automatic phasing compensation dramatically avoids cutting deviation caused by deviation of the tube diameter. Moreover, Han's Tube FMS cut complex contours without adjusting the position of the laser head and brings users breakthrough manufacturing techniques includes fast cutting speed, instant scrap-dropping, etc. 


By optimizing laser power, gas volume, and NC programming, the FMS system achieves high-quality edges and high-efficiency laser cutting without burrs.


In inner-wall processing, the perforation tubes follow a procedure from stacked, sorted, loaded, polished, and re-sorted to the stack. After polishing, the inner-wall stays bright and tidy.



Custom perforation tubes FMS is made for a manufacturer who desires high-quality and accuracy-oriented production. The tube product portfolio center of Han's Laser Smart Equipment Group tests a series of factors which affect contour and precision control, burring and slagging, and cutting speed during tube processing, strives to provide high-quality, high-precision finished products.


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