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Han's Laser F Series
  • Han's Laser F Series

F Series

2D Laser Cutting

Data-driven laser cutting system
2.5G compound acceleration
Complex workpiece processing
More optional configurations
The performance of the machine is improved to speed up the production efficiency. The compound acceleration of up to 2.5G ensures the efficiency of complex processing. Parallel exchange workbench with low failure rate.
Complex workpiece processing
The cutting efficiency of complex samples with multiple corners, multiple arcs and multiple small line segments is more than 30% higher than that of the old F machine. In the case of setting the same cutting speed, the cutting completion time differs by 24S.
Data-driven laser cutting system
Separation of processing and drawing, professional division of labor, professional and stable cutting process database, reduce manual intervention time.
Synchronous Servo Moto
REXROTH synchronous servo motor, user can operate machine without any repeated operation to facilitate laser cut process.
Manufacturing Execution System
Manufacturing execution system assist whole processing process with automatic alarm for user to check and review project in real-time. Han's Laser's experts can do a remote maintenance via Han's system which saves your time and give you a quick-response maintenance service to help you restore production.
G3015F G4020F G6020F G6025F
X-axis 3050mm 4050mm 6050mm 6030mm
Y-axis 1530mm 2030mm 2030mm 2520mm
Z-axis 250mm 250mm 300mm 300mm
Max. workpiece weight 750kg 1250kg 2000kg 3500kg
Machine tool weight 6500Kg 10000Kg 12600Kg 17000kg
Dimension (L x W x H) 9200mm×3050mm×2200mm 10952mm×3539mm×2100mm 14950mm×3485mm×1950mm 14900mm×4020mm×2320mm
F Series Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
F series is a high-power laser cutting machine with the concept of humanity that drives to eliminate meaningless repeated work.
F Series

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